UNIQEK Banquet Hall


Experience the difference

Q) Can I bring in my own food to your location?

A) Yes. You can bring in your own caterer.


Q) Can you reserve the hall verbally over the phone?

A) No. You must sign a contract to reserve the hall.


Q) Do you require a security deposit?

A) Yes. The security deposit is half down and we accept cash, money order and credit cards.


Q) Can I bring in my own DJ?

A) Yes. You can bring in your own DJ and we provide the sound system, they only bring in there mixing console (turntable/laptop) and music.


Q) Can I have a live band to perform?

A) No live bands are allowed to perform only a DJ.


Q) Are we allowed any extra time for setup?

A) We allow our guest one free hour for setup.


Q) Will there be a security on-site?

A) Yes. We provide security on late night events.


Q) Do I have to clean up?

A) No. We take care of the clean up.



Questions & Answers

Q) How many rest rooms are there?

A) We have 3 rest rooms.


Q) Is there a kitchen?

A) There is no kitchen but we have refrigerator, microwave, utility sink.


Q) Do I have to make a appointment?

A) We show the hall Monday thru Friday from 5pm-8pm without an appointment.


Q) Can I charge cash at your door?

A) No.


Q) Do you have any rental items available?

A) We a moon bounce, dance floor lights and projector.


Q) Do you decorate for us?

A) No. You are allowed to do your own setup and decorations.


Q) Do you have good parking for my guests?

A) Yes. We have over 100 parking spaces available.


Q) Do you provide tables and chairs?

A) We have rectangular tables and chairs.